What are people saying about the band?

I am so please to have been given your great CD. You amaze and inspire me with your devotion and determination to promote wonderful music. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. Gail W/ Dr. Kustner


Wow! What a great concert! We really enjoyed the mix of happy tunes. There’s no other band like Jazz Forever. Houston is lucky to have you.


My dad is a musician – a trumpet player. So I like the trumpet solos. I also like the chats between songs to explain their history and the band’s style.

This was my first [Jazz Forever] concert. My friends have been coming for years and talk very highly of the band, so I’m glad I was able to come along with them finally.

Rebecca DunhamCurator

It’s fun music. It’s also very danceable. I wish I had some Lindy Hop dancing friends here as we would’ve been dancing for your whole show.

Diana CandidaSales Coordinator

A lively beat which harkens back to southern juke joints from times gone by. It feels like prohibition is in full swing.

Mick PetersenAuthor

Y’all are the best high school student calmer that exists! They love the Christmas CD! Keep up the good work.

Stacy BartosTeacher

Reminds me of my favorite city – New Orleans!

Andrew HagerTeacher - Theater

The music transports me to a smoky New Orleans jazz club, a blues bar on the south side of Chicago, or a swanky supper club in 1940’s Los Angeles. Fun, fun, fun!

Kevin SmithCommunity Volunteer

Fun and upbeat music. Party time! I’ve not heard this group before, but so glad to be here this evening.

Mary AmbroseVice President and Partner - Westheimer Plg and Hardware

Makes me feel that I’m back in New Orleans.

Greg MartiniI.T. Consutant

It not only sounds fabulous, it motivates one to dance – and dream of going to New Orleans sooner than later.

Judy TurnerBallroom Dancer

South Rampart Street Parade and Sweet Baby Doll were my favorites!

William VedderLegal Assistant

It’s acoustic; it’s good; it’s old style jazz.

Love New Orleans music! I’m a Louisianan native.

Nice arrangements. Thank you for a wonderful evening.

Wendy BerginAss. Prof. at PVAMU - Owner of Happy Chickens

Sounds like New Orleans! Love it!

Shelly GuillermanRuggles Green Owner

I love the fact that I can enjoy great company and incredible music. We have loved and enjoyed every minute.

Katelyn Surface GrayFood and Beverage Director at Weston Lakes Country Club

It’s got rhythm. Makes you move. Keeps you young. A classy group of dedicated musicians!

Thanks for the enjoyable entertainment. We’ve been with you before and look forward to your continued success up the ladder of fame.

Carl RentzDance Instructor

Crisp playing style! You play with passion.

Hope we can have you play at the Historic Sylvan Beach Pavilion sometime in the future.

Ted PowellPresident - Friends of Sylvan Beach

Your music takes me to another time. Love the big sound!

I really like the introductions to the songs and “back story”.

Mitch CohenArtist

Wonderfully authentic ragtime and old style jazz with rock solid musicianship from each member. Great program!

Anthony Hunter