Douglas Wright – Clarinet and Alto Sax

Douglas Wright studied at San Jacinto College in Pasadena under Shelton Berg in the jazz band and under woodwind guru Chester Rowell.  Mr. Wright attributes most of his success as a woodwind player to Mr. Rowell.  One of the most capable musicians in Houston and beyond, Mr. Rowell has attained a reputation at the forefront of instruction in clarinet, saxophone and flute with an emphasis on the “doubling” aspect of performing. Mr. Wright’s professional career in Houston has included many performances in the bands of Ed Gerlach, Johnny Dyson, Richard Brown, Ricky Diaz, Buddy Brock, and others.  Mr. Wright has also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a number of well-known idols in the music industry, such as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Johnny Mathis, The Temptations, The Ink Spots, Bob Mintzer, Jamey Abersold, and many more.

A favorite outlet of Mr. Wright is musical theater. He has enjoyed playing many of the popular Broadway shows over the years. With the exception of two years spent working as a musician on cruise ships, Mr. Wright has spent his life in and around the Houston area. He has called some of the most prolific players in the world “friend” and been astounded by their musical ability on bandstands for years right here in Houston.  Many of those friends are involved in this wonderful undertaking called, Jazz Forever.